It's about meaning, who we are; 
What we show people and what we are underneath. 
THE No, I didn't use FoxPro.  Just like Foxes. :)
This is it.  The Furry Faith.   Yiff On!FurFaith Logo, DKelton and TJudd.This is it.  The Furry Faith.   Yiff On!
The views of those who love and are loved by their animals.
. ..and the fox and rabbit were friends and ate grass together...
The Furry Faith is both an organization and a name for those who are already like us. We are born this way: Furry. If you're Furry, you already understand. 

This is for those truly moved by their animals, the true Sweethearts of the Universe. This also is a repository for select contributions to alt.lifestyle.furry. Following are some FAQ's: 

So you think you can grasp my Cuddly Ways?Furry Faith 

Things to actually do: 

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