My Friends

This page is about my friends from the yiffnet.They all helped me to discover and develop my furry personality.


Hurga,a marten, is a good friend of mine,both on the net and in real life.He was one of those who introduced me to the furry fandom,and showed me my way to yiffnet.


Cheetah is a cheetah.(How you propably already guessed.).He lives about 100 KM away from me,and thus is the furry who lives closest to me.He is a progammer,and coded the game "Inherits of the earth", a furry game for the Amiga.


Gordy is a sqirrel and one of the two closest net-only friends I have.He lives in the US,and I've never seen him.Despite that,we are as familiar as we were brothers,perhaps even more.


Rowen is a cute feline domesticus morph,and just a loveley person.She is a very good listener and helped me a lot.Thanks,Rowen!


Accipiter is the second of the two net-only best friends I have.He is a real gentlefur and one of the best European artists I know.Visit his homepage and have a look at his great drawings!

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