and welcome to this page with work of a very good artist (and friend) I know...
I hope you like his work as much as I do.., and I hope he likes this page..

His name is Basil Badger, or Dennis Marfia..., he is also sometimes known as Hallion..., a non-morph winged lion...
You can reach him at Hallion@aol.com..., for questions, fan-mail , and commissions..
He does do commissions, but he only does certain things he thinks are worthy of doing..
And i think he is right in doing so ;-P

Following are pictures he wanted me to put on this page, so, here they are..
Just click on the small image to get to view the full versions.
(I'll try to bug him into making descriptions for the images soon ;)

This page was made by Grimm.., feel free to copy any part of it. EXCEPT the stuff that is not mine.. (like the art on this page..)