Yo, this page is about me and what I'm here for.  I'm a begining anime artist and I do a little anthromphic art on the side as a hobby. Why do I like anime so much? Why do I wana become a perfessional? Well, anime mostly consits of science fiction and fantasy with the addition of its action films and yes, hentais.  I prefer the animes with the science fiction and fantasy, usually when it has comedy inside.
I someday hope to do the same; I like to laugh, hey who doesn't? Well maybe an angry boss on a rampage cause something bad happend at home.  Anyway, sit back and enjoy my art, I allways welcome fan art. Fan art for what you ask... well theres my personal Cabbit, Chibi-ohki.  Oh and be sure to check out my comic page

Sometimes I like to combine my art, to create something totally new and diffrent. For exsample take the picture to your left, its a picture of a Chakat (a taur only with cat genes and human like tendancys.


Don't worry, thats not all I draw, just a few exsamples. I'll be -trying- to update my page as much as I can. Soon I'll have all my stuff back up!

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