Sir Cubbi Gummi

Cubbi Gummi
drawn by myself

Hi, I'm Sir Cubbi Gummi, a Gummibear. I like to cuddle with every Furry all over the world. If you want me to share my Gummiberry Juice with you, just come and visit me. I have no problem with meeting other Furs, and surprise visits are ok (but if you want to be sure that I am at home better contact me before visiting :-)

More information about my Furry character will follow later, if you want to learn something about my real life, just read further.

Matthias Hensler
Kullenhofstr. 66 / App. 1415
D-52074 Aachen
ICQ UIN: #24719025
Tel: 0241-9965856
Mobil: 0179-2321500
Matthias Hensler

Furrycode: FG[Gummibear]f2adr A C- D- H+++ M? P++ R++ T+++ W-- Z- Sm++ RLCT a21 cl++ d- e>+++ f- h->++ iw+++ j p- sm