Fairlight's private homepage

Where to find me:
  • In Second Life as "Fairlight Lake".
  • At Eurofurence.
  • Send me an email at fairlight(at)tigress.com.
    I am not in IRC anymore these days. Guess I got tired of it.

    Information about me and projects of mine:
  • Lizard and I started FurCon.de.
  • I brought puppetry to the furs in europe.
  • I designed and built most of the Second Life Island Sheridan.
  • I greatly improved a popular ear-twitching script in Second Life and wrote a documentation for it.
      This was done with my alt character "Sheila Plunkett".
      The script gained quite some popularity among furries and nekos.
      (The ear scripts are free and open source. Just ask "Fairlight Lake" in SL, and I will give you all you need to get started.)
  • I worked with ERF to create music for the CD Furry Fantasies II.

    For more general info, see my WikiFur page.

    The End