A few links to Unicorn & Butterfly's favourite places:

Seems that we aren't getting around much in these days... In other words there isn't a big links-section yet. Want to see a link to your page here? Mail me!

Here are links to the online comics I like most:

Ozy and Millie
Ozy and Millie is one of my favourite comic strips. I like almost everything about it: the characters, drawing style, stories and most of all DC Simpson's sense of humor.

The German translation used to be pretty up to date once:
Ozy und Millie

Kevin & Kell
Great stuff by Bill Holbrook. It's about an unconventional family in an unconventional (and yet strangely familiar) environment. Be prepared to get addicted - I couldn't stop until I had seen all 1000+ strips.

A very good German translation is also available:
Kevin und Kell

This is another strip I visit frequently. It has the main disadvantage of only being updated three times a week...
A German translation of this strip can be found here.

Sabrina Online
For me Sabrina Online by Eric W. Schwartz is already a "classic" among the comic strips on the web. It's even more fun if you had an Amiga once - like me...

If you like Sabrina Online then you'll like The Official E.S. Productions Website
The Official E.S. Productions Website
although if you are just looking for cool artwork then you should visit
The Unofficial E.S. Productions Website.

Life on Forbez!!
Life on Forbez is quite new and very interesting. You may not want to live there, but it's definitely worth a visit! ;-)

The Cyantian Chronicles!
The wonderful world of Tiffany Ross. Her Satin & Silk actually was one of the first web comics I read and enjoyed but somehow I've been tricked into thinking it was inactive. How glad I am to be mistaken... :o)

Friends of Unicorn & Butterfly:

The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke
Angela Peer - whom I was most happy to call friend and love once - a die-hard fan of Queen, presents extensive information and interesting details about her favourite rock band.

Reinhard Grafl
A skilled programmer of computer games.

The Kosara Page
Robert Kosara, always searching for someone else with this rare surname and forgetting to link to the appropriate places... ;o]

Other stuff:

Butterfly and Nature Gift Store
The Largest Butterfly and Nature Gift Store on the Internet! Buy butterfly rearing kits to butterfly houses, and purchases help to preserve rainforest habitat!

Gravitywell Productions
A nice site featuring free comics and much more. They have a helpful staff too.

A German comic portal - kind enough to list Unicorn & Butterfly.

Astronerdboy's Comic Strips
An extensive list of online comic strips with lots of background info. Unicorn & Butterfly is listed there.

For those who don't know, I am involved in the development of a shareware game called Sapphire Yours. If you like Boulder Dash or Emerald Mine or tricky puzzles in general then give this game a try...

Sapphire Yours