General Infos

by Batian

The animals we know as tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars, etc., are collectively known as the Big Cats. By definition, a Big Cat is any feline of the genus Panthera or Acinonyx - hence Panthera leo, the lion, Acinonyx jubatus, the cheetah, etc. They are spectacular specialist hunters, sometimes taking down prey bigger than themselves, and inhabit almost every biome you can think of, from wet tropical rainforests to savannah, semidesert, and Arctic tundra. 


Colors and markings differ according to species, from the tawny brown of lions and pumas to the spots of leopards and jaguars and the signature stripes of tigers; likewise, behaviour, though always feline, differs from the hermit-like solitude of snow leopards to the famous Pride societies of lions. Big and beautiful, the big cats are the top predators of their ecosystems.

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