we offer three major kinds of service. Choose wisely what you ask us for ;)

you allready have a mailbox and you just want a furry adress that is easy to memorize for the other furs that want to reach you by e-mail. (If you have an appropiate mail-client you can easily sort by the TO: header to get your furry mails.) So this one is for you. You are only very loosly bound to our policy, because we have nothing to do with your mail-traffic.
you want to poll your furry mail directly from tigress.com. Basic idea is the same as above, but you are entirely bound to our policy, because your mail traffic goes through our server.
full account including web-space
additionally to a mailbox you get 10MB of web space. This web space is dedicated to furry content. No problem if you mention your other interests there, too. But the main content should be furry related. And you should have a link back to the tigress main page. Of course you are strictly bound to our policy.

BTW: A service we do NOT provide is a simple link. Please have a look at furbase or similar servers for this one.