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Date Message
2004-07-12 Our fellow member and friend ecco left us forever. May he rest in the peace of the endless sea.
2003-10-11 webmail was down for a while and is now updated, so you can save some preferences like "CC: to me" and a signature
2003-02-03 all links are now in a database with a searchable web-frontend, check it out
2002-12-16 tigress server has to move end of year soon; downtimes are ahead; more info (in german only currently)
2002-10-13 new users can now use a form to register
2002-07-25 tigress has a SSL-secured Web-Interface to the user's mailboxes
2001-05-26 removed mailto links from members page because of massive spam abusage; dead all spammers!
March, 11th 2000 added lil' dot-links to the upcoming (green) members, so you can peek into the upcoming page
January, 26th 2000 added links to the info pages about standardization orgs
January, 9th 2000 added some technical links in "about"
December,14th 1999 added little separators in the members list
October, 24th 1999 members we are awating homepages from are marked green now. Mail them if you think you have to wait for too long :)
October, 21th 1999 the info-pages are getting more informative (see "links")
September, 20th 1999 now again a frame-less design with client side image maps instead
August, 29th. 1999 with help of Rasputch, Cetacean, Fengbawou, Den and Tronak we now can provide at least error messages in 6 languages (english, german, french, croatian, swedish and spanish); more languages and more pages will follow; the policy is available in en, de and fr so far. Just set the prefered language in your browser correctly.
August 21th,1999 policy and error messages now in multiple languages; added several search engines, including furry ones I got from Cheetah
August 18th, 1999 Changed the link names on the navigation bar
Solar Eclipse 1999 at Armageddon tigress.com gets a new design