V1.5, 2001-08-11

1. Organisational Details

1.1 Becoming a user on tigress.com

1.1.1 Purpose

The domain tigress.com is in the first place intended to help furry fans to
get their own homepage and email address, and to host furry web projects.
This is a service we provide for our friends, and it is free of charge.
This means that getting an account on tigress.com is a privilege, not a
right. Please keep this in mind.

1.1.2 How to apply

If you want to become a user on tigress.com, simply ask. Send your
request with the form linked at the end of this document. If we do not
know you personally, we will probably ask you some questions about who
you are, and why you want to have an account. Our service is aimed at
furry fans. If you have no interest in furry fandom, or do not even
know what "furry fandom" means, we might decline your request. We
reserve the right to make exceptions for personal friends.

1.1.3 Personal Data

To install your account, we need the following data:

- Your full name
- Your postal address
- Your phone number
- The login name you would like to have (8 lowercase characters max.)
- an already functional e-mail adress
   (preferably no remailer, especially not GMX because of
    problems with their technical support)

If you tell us a good reason, we will remove your full name from your email
address. So you can send E-Mail from tigress without your RL-name
in the mail-header.

1.2 Rights and Obligations

1.2.1 Privacy / Data Protection

In compliance with german data protection laws, we guarantee that your
personal data will not be forwarded to any third party without your
explicit permission.

1.2.2 Account Deletion

Tigress.com is a free service. We reserve the right to revoke your account
at any time for any reason. Depending on the urgency, you might not even
get a notification. However, this will only happen in extreme cases.
Normally, we will try tell you about problems as soon as we discover them,
inform you ahead of time about the reasons and give you time to backup your
data. Accounts which seem to be unused will automatically be deleted
after a certain time, but we would be grateful if you'd tell us if you do
not need your account any longer.

1.2.3 Account Sharing

Sharing the password of your account with someone else is strictly
forbidden, and will lead to immediate deletion of your account upon

1.2.4 Abuse

Any actions which threaten the function of our server will lead to
immediate deletion of your account, followed by appropriate legal actions.

Here is an incomplete list of things that we consider abusive:

- Trying to slow down or crash our machine or any of its services
- Trying to retrieve or delete vital system data
- Trying to access other user's home directories or email
- Trying to gain root access privileges
- Trying to hack other user's passwords
- Using our email service for sending unsolicited bulk email (SPAM)
- Using our system as relay for hacking other systems

1.2.5 Security Issues

It's the user's responsibility to frequently change his password, and to
keep it secret. We strongly encourage the use of PGP encryption of personal
emails, and the use of ssh (secure shell) for remote shell logins.

If you have any signs that your account has been hacked, you are obligated
to immediately change your password and notify the system administration.

Never store any vital private data on our server, because we can not
guarantee security against hackers.

1.2.6 Data Loss

Tigress.com can not be held liable for any kind of data loss. Every user is
responsible for making backups of his own private data (emails, homepage,
etc) stored on our server.

1.2.7 Content Restriction

The basic rule for all services is, that the contents that you are offering
through our server have to compliy with german laws. Here are some general
rules of thumb:

Allowed are:

- Full frontal nudity
- Explicit sex, as long as no aroused genitals are in view.
- Graphic Violence, as long as it is not glorified.
- Discussion and information about pedophilia and zoophilia.

Not allowed are:

- The display of aroused genitals.
- Pornography depicting sexual acts with animals or children, or
  dealing with extreme violence (rape, snuff). This includes
  photos, artwork and literature.
- Glorifications of extreme violence.
- Writings and Symbols which are against the german constitution.
  (e.g. nazi symbols)

Please note, that these are only rough generalizations, and that the actual
laws are far more differenciated. If you are unsure about something you
want to publish through our server, don't be afraid to ask.

2. Technical Details

2.1 Services

2.1.1 Restricted Shell

If you don't know about linux, or don't know what ssh is, you may skip
to the next paragraph. This is for advanced users only. You may login to
your account via ssh. Your shell access is restricted.
You may only use "pine" to maintain your mailbox, "passwd" to change your
password, and maintain your home directory using the standard linux file
management commands. You will not be able to run programs that you have
uploaded to your home directory. You will not be able to access files
outside your home directory.

2.1.2 E-Mail

Every user has his own email adress in the form of < login@tigress.com >.
You can upload and download messages via the POP3 protocol using any
standard E-Mail client, or log in via ssh and read your email
online using the "pine" email reader which is installed on our server.

If desired, email can be automatically forwarded to any other address you
like. Simply upload a plain text file called ".forward" to your home
directory, which contains a list of addresses you want your email forwarded
to, one address each line.

2.1.3 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

This is the easiest way to upload and download files from and to your home
directory on tigress.com. We recommed using FTP to maintain your homepage.
You will need a dedicated FTP client, because the FTP capabilities of
Netscape, Internet Explorer and other web browsers are extremely limited.

Tigress.com does not allow anonymous FTP. There is currently no possiblity
for private users to offer publicly downloadable files via FTP.

2.1.4 WWW

Each user may put up a personal homepage. The URL of each homepage is
http://tigress.com/username/ where "username" is your login name. If
you want to have a link from the tigress main page to your homepage,
please contact the maintainer of tigress. We normally don't allow the
installation of cgi programs, but we might make exceptions if there's
a good reason.

2.2 Restrictions

2.2.1 Bandwidth Restrictions

Tigress.com is currently connected to the internet with a 2 mbit line. But
tigress is not the only domain our server is hosting. At the moment, we are
hosting 30 domains with lots of paying customers. This means, that
tigress.com has the lowest priority.

If your homepage or your email account causes so much network traffic that
it interferes with our commercial customers, we will have to ask you to
take your page down, or move the bandwidth-consuming part to a different

2.2.2 Server Space Restricions

Private users get a hard disk quota of 10 megabytes. Exceptions are made for
large projects, which benefit more than just one person. 

If you need more space, you have the possibility to become
a paying customer, or put one of our sponsor's banners on your page.

3 How to Contact us.

3.1 New user requests & Technical Support

For an request use the form at the end; for other support write a mail
to the adress mentioned at the bottom of the page.

3.2 Service Provider

tigress.com is hosted by:

Hauptstraße 42
13158 Berlin

3.3 The Staff

Site-Owner                : Yannick "Cougar" Le Guern
Server-Administration     : Hanno "Hurga" Foest
User-Administration       : Emil "Nobs" Obermayr

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