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Human name: Verity K Linden
Were name: Sibvaria
Phenotype: Siberian tiger.

Human physical description: 5'6", brown and pink hair, brown/sludge green eyes.
Were physical description: Usually non-morphic large female siberian tiger. Very occasionally semi-morphic; digigrade legs, etc.
Shifting ability: Mental, occasionally dream.

Birth place: Cambridge, England.
Home territory: Nottinghamshire, England for most of my life, now London, England.
Dream territory: Heavily wooded mountain root. The actual country, I couldn't tell you. This will remain literally a dream territory, though, as tiger and girl have to co-exist, and the girl in me could never cope with being that isolated.
Human hobbies/interests: Drawing, animal behaviour, travelling around visiting people (when I can afford it), rollerblading, nature religions, this our darling interweb.
Favorite were-movie: Have to admitt I've never seen any.
Favorite were-literature: Again, not really read any. The fiction etc. surrounding it all just doesn't interest me.
Favorite non-were literature: Tolkien, Poppy Z Brite.
Favorite were-art: Hard to say, so many I like.
Favorite were-music: I'm sorry but... were-music?
Favorite non-were music: Humn, various. Lemon Jelly, Vast, Treble Charger, blah, blah, etc.
Favorite mode of attack: If you mean in visualisations, ah, the wonder of camoflage. Get as close as possible before striking.
Favorite prey: In visualisations again, deer. No question.
My dislikes: Insomnia, corned beef, and the human capacity for cruelty.

My thoughts towards vampires: *Waves to the few she knows* Nothing to say, really.

Favorite mythical animal/creature: Pegasus, angels.
Favorite non-mythical animal/creature: Tiger. Big shock there.

Personal philosophy: While ever there's someone better than you, you're not good enough.

Personal therianthropy:That's always a hard one really. How do you put these sorts of things into words?
I don't feel I have the soul of a tiger, or that my soul is part human, part tiger. I feel like I actually have both, whole and complete, but not totally seperate. A kind of intangiable link. So intangiable, in fact, that I often feel that is I didn't make such an effort to keep the two consolidated, I'd have a war on my hands. Whoever 'I' was.
I'm fortunate in that I've never had problems with uncontrolled mental shifts in public places, but I think that may have something to do with the fact the public in general repulses my tiger side. The more people I have around me, the more human I feel, the tiger side being at it's strongest when I'm either alone or sometimes when I'm in company I really trust.


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