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A severly incomplete alphabetical list of some of the amazing idividuals I have the honor to call my friends. You all rock. But you knew that.

Bruce. Just..... Bruce. Bruce as dwaggin

Bruce (or the LJ)
Many tales of perversion, exess, madness, bizareness and impossibility surround this man. If you hear one, it's pretty safe to assmue it's true. Obcessed with dragons, impossibley lucky, shockingly intelligent and disturbingly funny, Bruce is an endless fountain of anacdotes. Has introduced me to many a cool band and concept.
char pic © Bruce

Camara shy!

Non-fur, dog fanatic, mother, wampiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire and dragon artist, with a dry sense of humour and a short fuse. Great allie, scary enemy. Addicted to coffee. Lives TOO DAMN FAR AWAY.

EG with titmouse

EG Foxfire
Super cute tomboy geek from Buffalo, New York, EG was a glorious pool of giggley exhuberance for the few months she was in London on a semester out. She has now sadly moved back to America, where she has proved invaluable for ferrying computer parts :) Oh, and she's also an amazing artist.

Gengar at pub

Complete madman currently studying at Oxford uni. Raver, (partner in crime with Yaoi when they lived together) goth, twisted interlectual and drug testing facillity, this guy's furry persona ranges from pokemon to hyena to moths. Tsk, anything for attention, honestly....

Exceedingly sorted laydee, and my most darling housemate. Something of a rock in my life and at least partially responsible for me not, you know, exploding when my life went squif. Online role play addict, tech support (oh gawd...), seemingly eternally patient and creature of the ecclectic music taste. Don't know where I'd be without her.

Jonny Random.... in mirror....

Jonny Random
Blotchy (rex) cheetah from sorta midlands of England. Can usually be found glued to his computer researching drugs, cars and solar power while wandering dreamily around furcadia. It tells you almost everything you need to know that the only picture I could glean out of him was taken by himself in a mirror with a portable webcam: anyone else would've got thier house mate to take the picture....

Too cool for words Shiney kitty Kensaro
Cuddley, bossy, understated (and seemingly oxymoronic. Yes, bossy and understated at the same time...) Dutch super speedy spotty cat, this biker cheetah lives in Utrect with the fuzzy white lion listed below (*points*). Another of these confounded techie types, Kensaro can often be found prowling around MUCKs and IRC while avoiding actual work.
Kimba posing Kimba as cub

Kimba (or the site, but it's empty right now)
Ikkle English cutie of a white lion cub, living in Holland for the past, what, 4 years. Instilled in me a love of rollerblading and tea. Attention span of a fish. Tends ta like blowing things up, rollerblading, geeking, and chasing 'the perfect sound system'. Ditzy bint, but loveable with it.
char pic © Marci

Taigrr painted

Giggley, silly, skinny, loveable tiger studying Physics at IC. Addiction to wargames. Sentimental disposition. I've not know him for that long, but what can I say, he's grown on me. Like moss.

Yaoikitty at club Yaoikitty as kitten Yaoikitty
Tiny fuzzy candy raver kitten from the bitter north (well, Sheffield). Likes raves, pink, tigger, pacifiers, plush, weed and snuggles. Simpley too cute for words. Don't see him anything like as often as I'd like to, though, god damnit!
char pic © Kalipha

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