Location: UK

Colour: Liony

Meets: MidFurs UK & NorthFurs UK rarely now London

Description: Very friendly cuddly critter. Can be found at the occasional fur meets in the UK, normally the northern and midlands ones. Online chatting almost every night in all ways but IRC (me no like IRC). Please email me if you wish to chat over email or get my contact details for any chat programs.

lev AT tigress.com (you know what to do here)



Furry Code: FFL3a A+ C++ Dm++ H+++ M- P+++ R-- T+++ W Z+ Sm# RLCT/E/M a c$ d+++ e++ f++++ h+ iwf++ j+ p sm#





Name: Matt

Age: 22

Location: Mid UK

Work: Music Store Assistant Manager (Instruments not cd's), IT Technician for Schools.

Interests: Music, Cartoons, Art, Video Production, Live Music

Description: Mostly trained and working in computing i have a degree in computing science and have worked for the local councils in schools. I now work in the music retail business (not the cd side of things, the instruments and bands side). I dabble in my own music creation in my home studio, but help out more with equipment setup for live bands helping in the sound engineering section.

Online: email me and ill tell you my nicks for chat programs 'lev AT tigress.com' (put together with @ instead of AT)