I'm not a zoologist. And I never had a chance to watch wild wolves. Mainly because there are only few wolves in central Europe left. The few remaining keep a great distance from humans (for good reason). I have to respect their behaviour because it is essential for their survival. But I can still be fascinated by these great species. The following is a very quick translation from the German version of my pages hence the poor English.

Fascination canis lupus

No animal was more feared and merciless hunted to near extinction than the wolf. The father of our domestic dogs was condemned for no reason:

So what's the fascination of the wolf? For me individual reasons: the whole physiognomy is perfect, the proportions, the fur, the muscle structure, the eyes (definately the eyes), the tail: there is nothing more beautiful on earth. Additionally the adaptivity that made possible a population spread over the whole northern hemisphere, with exception to tropical and desert regions.

Much more information about the wolf is available on the net, just follow the links.


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