Name: Zobeid Zarathustra

Desc: Female anthro-raccoon with four arms. Sometimes mistaken for a recom mutant.

Picture: Zobeid pic

History: After Zo's player was unfairly banned from another MUCK, she was created as an avatar to perform wiz duties on Furscape.

Skills: MUF, MPI, building, descriptions

Ships: Max Valier

Occupation: Co-headwiz, head MUF wiz, general fixits and coordination.

Goals: To make Furscape successful and a good replacement for that other MUCK, and to keep it a haven from bullies and vandals.

Other: N/A

HT: 5 ft (1.5m)

WT: ??

Eyes: slate gray

Fur: grizzled gray with black paws and "mask", ringed tail

Age: ageless, with apparent age varying from about 18 to 50 depending on mood

Gender: female