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fullname: Emil "Nobs" Obermayr (yip, yes, right: My family is coming from Bavaria!)
living in Albstadt-Onstmettingen in my house.
Height: 1,83 m
Mass: 100 kg ("Waschbärbauch" ;)

You can reach me by E-Mail: nobs AT tigress.com

Of course you can also reach me by telephone, fax, snail-mail or personally. Ask by E-mail for further infos.

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born 1967-08-11 in Tauberbischofsheim. (if you want to make a horoskop for me: birthtime was around 22:00 local time; closest moon-quarter was first quarter the next day at 20:45UT about in the middle between the 2 eclipse periods of that year)
one brother Carsten, born '69
grown up in Gifhorn, 30 km north of Braunschweig
visited schools in Gifhorn
started studying physics in Braunschweig in 1987
moved to Braunschweig 1989
moved to Kiebingen 2007.
moved to Ebingen 2008
moved to Onstmettingen in 2013

First some german lyrics about my nick:

Mein Name ist Nobs
und wer mir was will, geht hops!
Doch bin ich gar nicht so verwegen,
ich sag das nur des Reimes wegen. ;-)

Hobbies and interests

(most of the links are in german): The background of this page is a part of "Companions" (the original is a full-contrast watercolor of 20" x 28") from the artist Kayomi Harai. Other pics from her can be found at the ArtyCat-pages
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