nobs' system

Some time ago I switched from win98 to Linux to enhance stability and usability. I wanted more control over my systems and more performance. Linux met those requirements and I am really satisfied with the migration.


part System 1
passive standby
System 2
System 3
desktop system
System 4
board   Chaintech 5IFM Gigabyte GA-7ZX Clevo 2200 T
CPU 386/7DX40 Intel P133 Athlon 800 Celeron 1000
RAM 64MB 2x32MB EDO 512M 512M
graphic ET4000 Sparkle S3 Virge DX
ATI Radeon 7500 SIS 630
monitor 15" CRT 15" CRT 17,4" DVI/TFT 14" TFT
HD 256MB 40GB 30+60 GB 20 GB
4x reader and 4x writer 52x writer (DVD-combo)
DVD     Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1402 yes
FD 3,5" 5,25" Teac 3,5" HD 3,5" 3,5"
ZIP   Iomega 100M IDE 250 M SCSI extern  
LAN 10M ISA 100M PCI 100M PCI 100M + 11M WLAN PCcard
ISDN     AVM FritzCard ISA  
sound soundblaster Yamaha WaveForce 192 XG PCI On board On board
scanner     Epson Perfection 1650  
Barcode reader     Datalogic DL80  
IRDA     Actisys ACT-IR210L yes
Flash     Kingston PCREAD USB/CF PCcard-adapter
more     Modem Firewire, Modem

Emil "nobs"Obermayr