1) Introduction and History
2) Header
3) Categories
4) WIXXX Flags
5) Comments and Explanations
6) Credits

1) Introduction and History :

   0.01  - original version (1st Dec 1997).
   0.02  - micro/macrophile tags.
   0.03  - * wildcard tag.
   0.1   - Kinsey scale and WIXXX flags.
   1.0   - slight modification to qualifiers and orientation-exception.
   2.0   - No clear modification, but an encoder has been built.
   2.0.7 - Decoder now avalaible.
   2.1.1 - Added Editable WIXXX flags.
   2.2   - Complete rebuild of the flags and qualifiers.
   2.5   - Encoder and Decoder rebuilt as cgi.

  Full current version number : 2.5.4 Alpha

2) Header :

   The header of the code consist of the version of the yiff code,
   (currently 2.5) then your gender (yes, furries might be
   hermaphrodites ;) )and finely your main sexual orientation
   (here we'll use a range of value from heterosexual to homosexual
   called the Kinsey Scale).

3) Categories :

   Each Categorie (plushophilia, zoophilia, toonophilia, fursuitophilia,
   tiny sex and mundane sex) contains the categorie qualifier.
   The qualifier explain your 'activity' toward the categorie (from
   'not your business' to 'i do that everydays !').

   The orientation-exception might be different from your main sexual
   orientation, it apply only to the current categorie.

   the modifiers might affect the way you consider the current categorie.
   it's available only with plushophilia and toonophilia and contains
   macrophilia (large plush/toon) and/or microphilia (small plush/toon).

   The favourite-species should precise which species you prefer and which
   one you like most.
   -> this text will be directly added to your code, so write it carefully !
      see the exemple section for more help.

   The orientation-exception, modifier and favourite species are optional fields.
   the qualifier field MUST be entered.

4) WIXXX Flags :

   The Wixxx Flags will specify more of your 'sexual capacities' ;)
   all the wixxx flags are optional, just check those which match you.
   The new editable WIXXX works the same way, type in your text then
   select the checkbox.

5) Comments and Explanations :

   About the favourite species : (read this carefully)

      If you want to list them in no particular order, then divide them by
      cliking on the 'And' button. A '_' sign will be added to the text to
      show your choice.

      If you want to specify an order, then divide them by cliking on the
      'Then' button. A '-' sign will be added to the text to show your choice.

      You can also combine those two signs :
      (fox_wolf-coyote-dog_lion-tiger-puma_horse) means that you like foxes best,
      then wolves, coyotes and dogs in no particular order, then lions, tigers
      and pumas in no particular order, then horses.

      If you want to show that you also like all species (or too many of them
      to be written), then clik on the 'All' button, a '-*' sign will be added
      to text to show your choice.
      *Attention* : you shouldn't add text behind the wildcard asterisk.

      If you are Practising a category of sexuality, then your partner(s)
      should be listed as either the only species, or your favourite species:
      'Z dog_horse-coyote-leopard +++' means that you are a practising
      zoophile who has two partners - a dog and a horse - but are also attracted
      to coyotes, and then leopards.

      'Z dog +++' should means that you are a practising zoophile with a
      canine partner(s).

      For the V categorie, the species refers to the roleplaying/spiritual
      phenotype of your current partner(s), or your ideal partner(s):
      'V cheetah +++' means that your online partner is a cheetah furry.

6) Credits :

   A big wet lick to Locandez (Lyndale(AT)argonet.co.uk)
   for providing us the yiff code 1.0 :)
   Another big wet lick to all for using this yiff code :) enjoy !

   Questions ? criticisms ? improvements ? suggestions ?
   E-mail me : Rasputch(AT)tigress.com