THENo, I didn't use FoxPro.  Just like Foxes. :)
This is it.  The Furry Faith.   Yiff On!FurFaith Logo, DKelton and TJudd.This is it.  The Furry Faith.   Yiff On!

. ..and the fox and rabbit were friends and ate grass together...
The Furry Faith is my little brain child to meet more furries.  The number of 'active' (by active I mean those who have time to e-mail/talk with me) shrinks and grows all the time.  There was a time when I had this all formalized, but ta heck with that. This is about makin' friends pure and simple.  Some like mailing in groups, most like to mail me one-on-one.  Whatever ya like. I like to talk about bunnies, all sorts of animals, folklore, plushies, puppets, comics, toons, pets.  The struggle to get my wife to accept I'm a furry ...or anything I do....  And most of all I like talking about philosofurry.  You ever hear "Everyday you go to work while your pets stay home and lounge so you can bring 'em food and pet them copiously.  Tell me again why you think humans are the superior race?"  Now _that's_ philosofurry.  
So you think you can grasp my Cuddly Ways?FurryFaith

Things to actually do: 

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Tales from Within, now considered one of the sacred worksOur Review.

Imagine Shiva as a Bunny here.The Wild Hairs offers exceelent Music for meditation about your favorite furry. Our Review.

I've also been into Armenian music of late.  Cool stuff.  Hope to have a link here for that shortly...

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OK, so I'm a Jazz Jackrabbit fan. Well, look at him! The Official Bunny Cult Tileset Jazz Jackrabbit
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