Tales from Within

the Rabbitry The Adventures of Bilbo Bunny by Jeanette Adams

I just have finished the book "Tales from within the Rabbitry," by Jeanette Adams, and decided to share my enthusiasm with her and my closest pen-pals.

Not only is this book all it's cracked up to be, it is much, much more. The stories are wonderfully written combining the sweet bunnies characters with a heartfelt message of belief in yourself; Indeed, I'm inclined to put it in place in my heart next to such sacred classics as Secret of NIMH.
Like lagomorph Lilly said, "Yes, I think it's that good! ...It's just wonderful!"
The bookmark that comes with the book is a wonderful touch; looking at Snowflake smiling back at me, I can't help but feel his warm fatherly presence. Bilbo's nervousness, Cody's bitterness about work, their moon-song, that certain occasional mind-meld betwixt Animal and Keeper, it all seemed to speak to me directly. I'll stop there so as not to give too much away...
The unique artistry in the book is also very much to my liking; I have never seen inking preserve character so well. Particularly the characters' eyes, such variety, yet each conveying such love.
Crystal and our cats all enjoyed the book too, and each felt it good enough to rub their chins against it.
My wife Jodi made fun of me being so engrossed in a bunny book (Jodi pretends not to have a soft spot for bunnies.) Then I showed her the photo of Bilbo. Jodi found Bilbo so handsome, I thought she was going to drool; I've never seen her gaze at a picture so long.
--David Kelton 12/23/2000

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