Just a princess

There's just a princess
just a princess calling my name
a princess calls after me

The night falls and havens gate
a royal veil
a curtain of highest curt
closes behind

My fingers're shivering
my paws wouldn't get a grip
though I'm stalking
wand'ring through the dark
nothing above me, beneath I'am
a certain blue
a intimate red
a pale grey

But there's just a princess out there
just a princess behind walls
just a princess in a cage of pain

Flicking my tail casts a shadow,
a dark place in a pure glow
honest my wishes, looking out of my eyes
pools of the darkness, invading
shading my pupils

The smell of a rotten place
the stink of long dried blood
like shiny metal pathway it seems
cold not wet, not damp so smooth
no comparision to her hull

A form a silhouette against the dark
is forming a helpless might
gracious I see the call-ing one
she's so beautiful

There's just a princess
just a princess calling me for help
just a princess wishes my presence

I call her, a name I don't know she speaks mine
a speech unknown
purity and dirt is around in her wounds I'm sure

Nearer and nearer, the closes able to get
not touching not facing,
not knowing, not listening

In front of her, my ears go flat and flicking in
endless joy
contiuying agony

She looks into some skyisch thing above us her tears
warm she is asking too
not realizing someone's there
her flesh is
her body seems
nothing new

Fascination, endless strength
tasting, bathing in her blood
erasing memories
like bald blades in a sea of
a liquid, salty like the sea
the ocean, the one thing life started in

Embracing for memories, enhancing
growing out into some bodyless
carrying some body, the beauty

Spirits, forsaken, will happen
what I don't want
can undone make shy will
my will unbroken inside

Laying down and feeling, pale skin
oninside myself
sleeping and listening to my inner
to our unheard breath

No words there anymore
no others that shout to death
no way no walls that lead no
blinding inspiration from
some god not mine not hers

Already the last, no more blood nothing
no more to bleed out the pain and the poison
nothing to carry love

But she's just a princess
just a princess of moonlight
a princess of darkness and day
no warmth from anything not mine not sun's can warm her hide
not at ll I can seek the illusion
but she called it
spoke my name

The one thing I asked her
asked in a strange own voice
just a princess oh dear would you
let me be a prince for you?

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