Once upon a memory

there was a smiling point of light
was high upon the stars

So small, unworthy silently,
umong the beauty, among some scars

Every man just thought it be,
another spot of light

But it wasn't, sure it looked,
from a distant sight

Once some one, discovered it
late within the black

Looked and searched, listened,
got an answer back

After time, and time that came,
it unfolted from the dark

it discovered selfishly,
will for shining brighter, glissning into heaven's arc

try after try, and night 'came day,
still it was there, still it smiled somehow,

night after day, day after night,
still remained, for the discoverer's gain, and for loves blow

So many moments, just had passed,
when it finally got
this blazing soul, up on the sky
could never reach, but would never stop

So many eternaties, just had passed,
as it faded away

like every star, no memory remained,
in it's discovere's day.

Nights after time, the days had passed,
than the one looked again,

found some other stars, but never would,
finally, be trouly fain.

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