Would regret

Like tears, blood is running through my fur now,
wetting the floor around, warm, but freezing myself.
Like her suliva there's now the blood's taste in my
throat, flooding me hull to the core.

The green of my eye reflected, my sight seeing
the other half covered by red,
Still staring into this picture of lonelyness in
its final bed,

My heart's still beating, but became just a muscle,
driving red out of my body in a blow.
I promised you I keep me away from that,
all it was just a show.
Pretending for myself I'm unable to do,
suffering unmentioned steel lying in my veins,
and allthough,
the pain's less the pain you received,
does it compensate in I finally leaved?

The last time in this body I was wrong,
perhaps I'm now where they don't belong?
You'll not know, nobody noticed I reeled,
or will you?
but you don't felt my gift's what has been peeled.

Poisoned my blood squirming on the ground,
the last thing to what I'll be bound,
a tear, stalks on my whisker,
and closing my sight - falls endless into a pound,
still more to go on which you could count.

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