Unicorn & Butterfly - Strip from 06/11/01

                               _    _                   _                       
 ) /       _    () /)  77_ _ //   ( `7_    //)///     /_ _ _    / /_ //  _ _
( //)/(()/(/) (X /)(///(-/(/((/ . )//(//) /(/ 7/)(/ (/(//((/(-/) (//(/((/)(-/(
                    / _/      /       _/        _)                 
 Dear Reader,   perhaps you are a bit surprised  that you don't find your usual 
       /       Unicorn & Butterfly strip here today, but in fact it is just the 
              other way around:  it is *me* who is surprised that you actually 
   *       DO find something at all - but let me explain... (I promise that 
   ','       I'll keep  it as short as possible - which, knowing me, doesn't  
   _)(_        really say much. ;o) )                                          
  / `" \_                                                                      
 ( {  ^\_(s    Originally, Unicorn and Butterfly has been planned to be a proof 
  '6"|      of concept:  I wanted to know  wheter or not  it was  possible to 
   |_|_|      produce a comic strip with ASCII art and  - even more important - 
   ("X")    whether or not people would still accept this as "cartooning", so I 
         set my goal to produce exactly 101 strips in which I intended to try 
 as much of the features of traditional cartooning as I could. And it worked... 
 To my never-ending astonishment, people didn't just accept Unicorn & Butterfly 
 as a comic,  some of  them actually  liked it!  And - being well  aware of the 
 principal limitations that ASCII art put on me - the more I was trying to push 
 it to its limits, the more I realized its potential and the fun I was getting  
  out of doing this.                                                            
  Unicorn & Butterfly isn't the only ASCII art comic, early attempts have been  
 made on BBSs - at a time when even  the idea of world  wide web didn't exist - 
 there are other ASCII art comics that are regularly posted to ASCII newsgroups 
 and even  on the web it is  not the only one.  But as far as I know  it is the 
 first serious attempt to produce an  ASCII art comic in  traditional newspaper 
 strip style and it seems to be the first ASCII art strip that competed against 
 other comics and  won an award, hereby earning its creator real money - AND it 
  made me find the girl I love (or to be more precise it made her find me ;o))  
  BUT - let me make this clear before the next guy thinks I really believe that 
 I'm so incredibly  cool because  I'm doing  an ASCII art strip  (This actually 
 happened  - you'll easily find the corresponding entry in my guestbook ;o) - I 
 still don't know where these people get their ideas  from...)  - I do NOT deem 
 Unicorn & Butterfly  revolutionary to the art form itself,  I don't even think 
 of it as  a minor achievement  and I am deeply convinced  that *anyone* who is 
  seriously trying will be able to do the same or better - if only someone did. 
  In this hardly more than one year I have been drawing Unicorn & Butterfly, I  
 learnt a little bit  about comics, a lot about people  and it has been so much 
 fun doing that I decided against my  original intention to continue as long as 
 it stays like this.  It may be for just another strip or for another hundred - 
 I honestly don't know - but I do know  that ideally I should quit right before 
  people notice that I should have done so a few dozen strips earlier... ;o)    
  However I may be biased, so feel free  to mail me if you think this point in  
 time is NOW  (and of course also  mail me if you  don't think so - just not to 
 make asking  this question  a rather  frustrating  experience for me...).  And 
 nevertheless I have good news for you:  this is going to be the last time that 
 I'm appearing in my  strip,  and that I'm boring my audience with my personal  
  thoughts. I thank you for your time and patience!                             
  Have fun!                                                                     
                                        /|.. _ _ _     / /_ //  _ _             
                                         /(//((/(-/)  (//(/((/)(-/(             
                                        ()    ()                                
                 (in no - read my lips: NO - particular order)                  
 TUGRIK D'ITICHI       for hosting Unicorn & Butterfly at purrsia.com           
 TIFFANY ROSS          kind words and link button GIFs (www.cyantian.net)
 BILL HOLBROOK         had no objections that I used Kevin & Kell in one strip. 
 SCOTT McCLOUD         "Understanding Comics" - wish I had read it years before 
 CLARENCE D CUASAY     who considered to do a Unicorn & Butterfly cameo in LOF  
 REINHARD GRAFL        invaluable support - complaints helped the strip a lot :)
 THORSTEN WESSKALLNIES providing the draft version of a German translation      
 ANGELA PEER           for love, affection and everything words can't express   
 NETZMEISTER           took only two months to notice the address change ;o) 
 FRED M. SLONIKER      kind assistance in an attempt to fix encoding problems   
 menolly@inorbit.com   who skillfully tracked down a messed-up-display bug      
 MARK KROFLICH         contributed a lot of thoughts to readability and more    
 MEPH                  his ASCII Editor has really saved me a lot of time
 GRAVITYWELL           believed in Unicorn & Butterfly long before anyone else  
 ORF ON                accepted my entry to their comic contest and awarded it! 
 without all of you, Unicorn & Butterfly                                        
 would not have been the same...          http://unicornandbutterfly.purrsia.com