Big Cat Mating
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Note : this text is a poetical one. The author wrote these facts as he felt them, so it's purely subjective and so isn't scientifically exact, but it's a very good text anyway...

Courtship (focus : lions)

Big cat courtship is more complex than most believe. When a female cat goes into heat it is just the beginning. The scent of a female in heat drives the male crazy and he quickly searches for the female. Young male cubs outside of adolesence have been documented spended hours smelling and playing around the an area where female in heat has marked.
The male lion finds his mate and the courtship begins. The male presses himself deeplying into the female's face and hind-quarters. The female returnes the rubs to the face, and prolongs the contact with the male's hind-quarters. The female will lick, prod, and sniff the male's genitalia. The female is not only exciting the male but she is also stalling waiting for a better male arrive.
The 'touching' courtship can last hours (and extend for days), and helps to form a bond between the pair. As the the touching continues the pair move farther and father away from the pride.
Then, mating begins....

Mating (focus : tigers)

I will cover mostly the act as preformed by tigers, but remeber it is the same for all big cats. I will list and major differences later.
The female tiger has accepted her male companion and now mating can begin. The female starts the processb by moving before the male. The male follows trying to coax the female into lay down. The female continues to walk all she wants, toying with th male (some males will even make a small whineing sound to fulfill the female's wry amusement).

When the female feels she is ready she will decend to the ground. The tigress lays with her belly down, front paws placed slightly forward, and head raised in anticipation. On the ball of her hind feet, the female spreads her back legs, raises her hocks high behind her, and rests her weight on her knees. Her tail does one of three things: 1) Lays flat- Especially if she's not completely satisfied with her partner 2) Extends into the air- she is ready and willing {seen more in later matings} 3) Swish back and forth in uncontrollable excitement- she is anxious and VERY willing {usually seen in young virgin females}. Inside, the female's heart-rate increases, as does blood flow, and small amounts of adrenaline in younger cats. With the increased blood flow the female's skin becomes almost twice a sensitive, her hearing, scent, and sight also heighten. Hormones rush through her system as her muscles tense and the fur all over her body prikles up. The female's reproductive tract swells with blood and sensitivity. Her eye's dialate, her ears jump around,
her breathing increases. The female is ready to mate. [Quick note: the more experienced the female is the less reactive her body is. Unless a new interesting mate arrives who in some ways 'resparks' the female's youthful sex drive].

The male tiger has been ready sense he first smelled the female's presence. Useing his chin, the male has guided the female before him onto the gound. Mating near, the male's body prepares. His heart rate increases, surgeing blood through his system. His muscles become anxious and tense. His head spins as his flaring nostils are filled with the female's scent. Muscles in the head relax due to the intoxicating smell as the rest of his body tenses. The pads of the male's feet become filled will blood and the earth beneath squishes pleasurably between his toes (that probably way some tiger prefer to mate in mud). There's an pain at the base of his tail as the muscles tighten. His eyes dialate and blood vessels to his genetalia expand. The penis begins to swell and expand along his underside. The swelling penis presses snug against the male's testiciles. His brething jumps, as a growl froms deep within his throat, almost clogging the air rushing into his lungs. The male is beyond ready to mount...

The male pauses behind his descended female. His body running wild, he clumsily places his left fore-paw (most big cats are dominate left-paw) over the female's hind legs. He quickly, for fear of losing balance, positions his right fore-paw at the female's side. The male places his fore-paws directly in front of the female's hind knees (the tighter the better) and thereby blocks the female from running away from beneath him [given a chance some female big cats will run from underneath the male moments before he penetrates, leaving him in a laughable position]. Here, some male's pause and wait, especially if the tail is swishing around. The waiting female's body quivers as her excited, taunt muscles spasm, it's the male's turn to toy with his mate. Of course with the more head strong the female doing this would just make them run away on the male and laugh. Wait or no wait, the male then rapidly arches his back and positions his hind-quarters. He moves to the balls of his feet, lowers his bottom, and leans forward over the female to mantain balance. The male hind-feet are placed close behind the female's hind legs, or some larger males prefer to straddle the female's hindquarters completely (placing their feet at the female's sides or hip). The male has mounted and is in the (I can never remember how to spell this) lordinus or the cat-mating position. Mating now begins...

The male tiger takes a few moments to shift his weight, and maybe even hop closer to the female. Some, if not most, male's bite the back of the female's neck now. This serves several purposes. One, it gives the male something to blance with; two, it helps to keep the female from running away; and three, in some cats (i.e. puma, cougars, domestic cats, etc) the bite pinches a nerve on the female's spine. This nerve is the same one a mother bites when carrying her kittens. The piched nerve slows the females ability to jump away, but does nothing to sensor input. Bigger cats (tigers, lions, lepards) have too much muscle and padding to allow the nerve to be bitten at old ages. Some males don't even bite the female, this is usually after the first mating. The bite causes little to no pain to the female, it's mostly fur anyway. The male arches his back and moves his penis closer. Now comes the tail. Cat's tail's are unique. These animals use their tails for balance, swishing the tail back and forth when running to counter shifting weight. As such the tail is thick, long and very muscular. So the male tiger now has a 27-37 inch tail 'blocking' his path. Males get around this problem in several ways. Most tilt to one side and slide their penis beside and under the female's tail. Others prefer to shove aside the the tail, keeping it way with his foot or knee. And a few male's have a horrible time with tails, and the female is forced to cram her tail painfully up into the male's underbelly so her companion has more room. The tail is also one of the last way a female can stall the mating by blocking the male as long as she can. Most females also lean to one side to help the male in his search. The pathway clear, the male begins thrusts. Pain appears across the female face and the male's erect penis prods her back side looking for his desired openning. Younger, inexperienced males can spend a long time (up to 10 seconds) just trying to blindly find his way. In most cases the female shifts her hind quarters to help her mate in his insane exploration. Once in side the male pauses momentarly to shift his weight. Now ready, the male thrusts. He begins out fast, driving his penis deep into the female. Each thrust is seperated into multiple parts. First, the male leans his weight to his fore paws. His weight is shofted to his hind feet as he arches his back and pushes deeper into the female. Next the male rock at his hock and hips as he pulls outward. He continue out until stopped by his barbs (a cat's penis is covered in barbs that face backward and surround the penis). The barbs act almost like a ratchet system, move the male deeper and deeper into the female. The barbs give a slight pull, the male shifts his weight back to his fore-paws and begins again. Yet, some males shift their weight from one foot to the other between each thrust. Left to right, and back in a rocking motion
(why? seems the female's like it), but most tigers just thrust in and out. As the thrusting continues the male actually slows down. Pushing deeper and deeper with each slowing thrust. Finally the male thrusts with all his weight, bringing his head up. The male's hindquarters clinch upto 8 or 9 hard times as he ejaculates deep within the female. Finished, the male withdraws from his mate. As he leaves his barbs rake the insides of the female surgeing her with pleasure and pain (and triggering ovulation). The two have mated. The act can last anywhere from 10 to 60 second depending on conditions. The male incure 20-30 thrust on average and ejacuates about 1/8 a cup of sperm. The couple mates about every 15-20 mintues, continuing for several days.

What the female feels during mating

The female lays waiting as her male counterpart descends upon her. Her heart is still racing as the male lays his paws at her side. Her expanding lungs press against his massive fore-arms as the male tiger positions his hind legs. Her tail twitchs in anticipation, it's been a long time since she felt this excited about a mate. She can feel the male's breath coarsing down her back and through her fur. She shifts as the males weight rests on her raised rump. She hears a growl froming in her mates throat as his head descend close to her neck. Expecting a bite, she's suprise by a genlte lick as his coarse toungue runs along her spine. The male's heart pounds above her filling her ears. She begins matching her breathing to his, causing their bodies to raise and fall together. She is ready but is caught by suprise as the male's swollen penis pokes against her tail. She leans moving her tail aside. Ouch, his penis prods her soft hindquartes. The young male tiger pokes from side to side and begins to move too high. She adjusts just in time for his next thrust, and... Her swollen genitalia surge as the male tiger's penis pushes her apart. He pauses, and she relishes the sensation of the male expanding penis within her. He thrusts, driving his slick penis quickly into her. Her hindquarters burst with pleasure. The sound of her comapanions heart grows louder. She closes her eyes and lays down her ear to combat the almost overflow of sensation. The male's fur intertwines with hers actually tickling her skin. The male pulls out and is caught. A ring of pure pleasure flows from where the male's barb stop him. He thrusts again, too quickly for the female to fully enjoy the moment. Her eyes water as another thrust comes. He's deep within her. With each thrust she feels the gentle bump of the male's testicles as they sway back and forth. The male slows, extending each pleasurable moment to it's fullest. The female extends her claws as the male's force begins to shove her forward. The male's weight builds on her. She lets her own weight fall, dropping from the balls of her feet. The young male tiger leans forward in a giant thrust. Her mate roars as his hindquarters clinch. The female's mouth gapes as a burst of cold sperm flows into her. Her body can't take it anymore as her muscles quiver in an orgasm. The two throb together as one. The female's orgasm is just beginning as the male dismounts. His barbs rack ungivingly along her sides. A quick shot of pain is quickly overcome as her orgasm races to new heights. She lets out a long tired breath as the clinching pleasure continues.

What the male feels during mating

The female finally kneels to the muddy ground before the male. The male places his paws at the female's young sides. Her tail swishes back and forth uncontrollably, this is her first time. He pauses and watches as her whole body shakes in anticipation, she is a virgin!. His body won't let him wait any longer and the straddles the female's behind. Underneath him the female rocks back and forth. He bends down, tilts his head and opens his jaw. He places his mouth around her.. He gives a quick lick and then closes his mouth around her soft neck. The female's anxious movement stop cold, and her heart rate increases. The male's mouth is filled with an odd taste as the young tigeress' fur tickles. He breaths deep... He shuts his eyes as the female's intoxicating smell hits him hard between the eyes. He could sit there with that smell forever. A small whine from the female rocks him back to reality. He lowers his penis as he arches his back. He leans to one side, causing mud to skwish betweens his toes. He slides beneath and beside her tail. His swollen penis brushes her and her tail begins to swing back and forth again. She realizes the bite is no danger and her anxiety builds again. He moves to find his way into her. He pokes into her soft behind as her tail bangs painfully against his penis and testicles. A growl forms in his throat. He extends his claws in frustration. Then, as the young female's tail swings away, he finds his way. The female gasps beneath him. The female's warm, smooth, tight vagina surrounds his penis. He thrusts, arching his back. The virgin female squirms beneah him. Her breath become erratic as the male's penis literally stretches her young vagina. Her body struggle between pain and pleasure as he thrusts deeper. Fatigue builds in his muscles from being in the awkward position. He leans more and more of his weight on the female as he rams himself deeper into her. The female's tail tickles his swaying testicles, surgeing him almost to his climax. He pulls back, pausing as his barbs catch on the female soft insides. He pushes again. He opens his mouth, freeing the female's neck and his breathing airways. The young female probably would have ran if he hadn't had his massive weight atop her. He pulls out of her as far as he can, and shifts his weight. He prepares for one final thrust. His penis feels ready to rupture, he only hopes to finish. Crushed by his weight, the female shifts her feet away causing her 450 pound body to weigh down on his penis. The male's eyes clinch as he holds back. He can't come now. The tiger straighten's his back as he thrusts himself as deep as possible. He roars in pain as his muscles clinch in an orgasim. The relief of his ejaculation only hieghtens his pleasure. Again and again his rump tightens as the cold sperm coarses out of him. The female tightens around his penis as her own orgasim hits, squeezing more sperm from him. He pulls out quickly. His barbs compress filling him with one last burst of pleasure and forcing the last drops of semen from him. The young female roars in pain as the completely unexpected pain from his barbs set in. She turns in anger, but quickly stops as her body is again flooded with pleasurable muscle spasms. The cold air brushes gently around his penis as it srinks to normal size. The male stretches his acheing muscles as his head is filled with the female's scent once more.

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