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So you want to know more about me huh? Really now?

I'm 19 years old as of 17/5/02, and I'm currently doing my Tertiary education at a place called KvB, and I'm doing 3D Animation and Special Effects, but I've already done finished another course which was Multimedia Design. I'm qualified to make Web pages, Flash animation, etc, and soon I'll be able to do lots in Maya (the 3D animation program I use).

I went to Saint Ignatius College where I failed Maths and English (argh!) but excelled at Art and Computer Studies, and I also play the Trumpet which I'm rather good at.

Now for the details:

I'm half Italian and half Dutch, so I love food, but I can't speak either language except for a few words. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, I'm somewhere around 2 metres high and weigh somewhere around the 85 Kg mark, which fluxuates often.


I like most music except for Ultra Heavy rock, I enjoy playing games on my computer, and I'm a god at First Person Shooters. I like any form of pasta, meat, well, virtually anything 'cept seafood, which I've never really liked, and I also like movies which captivate my attention and are not full or crud and slime. I also love Dragons, and have a small, but fairly expensive, collection of small models. A good book is also on my list of likes, especially if it is fantasy or interesting (which is why I have the entire Star Wars collection, many Anne MCaffery Pern books, absolutely anything Terry Prachett, and of course The Lord of The Rings).


Seafood, annoying phone calls at Midnight, help desk operaters, Dial-up modems, anybody with no moral ethics, Telstra, anything Microsoft, and a host of other stuff I'd just bore you about.

About Schmen:

He is a sniper who is very, VERY good at sniping, a bit of a smart-ass, but is otherwise a very good helpful person. Although it's far-fetched, he is around 3000 years old and is pretty much classed as a god by human standards. He loves tormenting Carnage (my brothers Marine) and has an AI who's name is Hugo, who also loves tormenting Carnage. He wears marine Battle Armour, which is virtually impervious to anything, and he loves to go around and have any sort of fun, which can be anything from just plain fun, to having battles that amuse him.

So, have you had your fill of knowing useless stuff? I hope so, I don't feel like writing much more.

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