Rabbit Ribbon Award for Love of Life

For warm and cuddly, open-minded outlooks.
This is to certify that each religion, philosophy or outlook winning this award:
1) in no way condones or sanctions suicide.
2) in no way condones or sanctions hatred or discrimination on basis of race, sexuality, outlook, etc.
3) does not require relocation away from family or friends.
4) does not ask or wish you to give up all your material possessions.
5) agrees never to change itís (or your) mind on the above issues.
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Current award recipients:
  • Characters of the Fluffy Faith

  • Dedicated to the study and worship of rabbit and animal folklore.
  • The Bunny Cult

  • The Bunny Cult is committed to the more interesting aspects of those little lagomorphs and hopes one day to dominate the web with bunniness.
  • DangerBunny Shamanism

  • Based on the Haitian mythology wherein together bunnies rid the land of all the evil spirits!
  • Faunus according to MoonHare

  • From Osterhase to Mrs. Brisby, this is all things Bunny.
  • The Wild Hairs

  • The Wild Hairs offers exceelent Music for meditation about your favorite furry.
  • Circle Sanctuary Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is dedicated to research, spiritual healing, counseling, and education.
  • Aleph!

  • What is the Aleph Cult?
    This cult is not to be taken too seriously. The important thing is to have fun with it. You can say you're in a cult and have proof to back it up. If you decide to take it seriously, use it to enforce your own ideals.