How to get to the #VCL

Instructions: mIRC Trillian pIRCh || list of Furnet Servers

To get to the #VCL Generic & Simplified.

  1. open up a IRC client. (mIRC, pIRCh and Trillian all have IRC support)
  2. connect to port 6667 in your server settings, and chose a nickname (these should be in your options settings)
  3. Now go to Commands located on the tool bar. Select Join Channel. Type #VCL into the feild and press enter. This should take you to the chat room.

To get to the #VCL through mIRC.

  1. Open up the mIRC client
  2. Select File>Options
  3. Make sure Connect is selected on the left menu.
  4. Next to the pull down tabs for IRC network is that ADD button. click that button.
  5. now fill in the Furnet Server settings:
    IRC Server:
    Group: Furnet
    Password: -leave blank-
  6. when that is filled out, click the ADD button.
  7. now fill out your full name, "email" (just come up with any name, doesn't have to be an email address), then pick a nickname for you to use and then pick an alternate nickname if someone is using that nick.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Now select "Connect to IRC Sserver"
  10. wait a few seconds.. and you should see a buch of text wirl by... should say "welcome to the furnet network"
  11. just enter /join #VCL in the text bar in the bottom there.. and *poof* you are now in the #VCL chatroom.

To get to the #VCL through Trillian.

  1. Click on the IRC button on the contact list window and select Connection Manager.
  2. Cick the ADD button that is in the bottom left.
  3. now fill in the Furnet Server settings:
    Country: United States

    Group: Furnet (you are going to have to type this in. its not in the pulldowntab)
    Password: -leave blank-
  4. Fill out the fields in the right with a Nickname, an alterneate, a Username (usefull if you chage nicks often), some brief info and click the "Save Personal Info" button.
  5. Hit the "Connect" button.
  6. Now, select the IRC button agian in the Contact Window and select the "toggle status window" if it didn't pop up already.
  7. Wait a few seconds. and you should see a bunch of text whirl by. make sure it reads something like "welcome to the FurNet Network"
  8. just enter /join #VCL in the text bar in the bottom there.. and *poof* you are now in the #VCL chatroom.

Furnet IRC servers
here is a list of the active Furnet servers and their locations.

Server Name IP Adress Location San Jose, CA, USA Frankfurt, Germany, Europe Redwood City, CA, USA

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