Welcome to the #VCL

Welcome to the future home of the #VCL website. Expect to see lots of changes to the site in the time to come. but for now, here are a few things to read up on.

  • please take time to read up on The rules
  • profile pages are going to be planned. more info on that will become available
  • Monthy Artist Ambush / Art Jam activites are a Regular happening
  • *NEW* The Parlor Comic "Snared" has just started. come take a look!
  • View the IRC Stats. compiled by Ninetales

Furserv has been on a long hiatus. and so, OPs will have to be manually added to the system. If you are going to be added to the OP list, make sure your nick is registered with nickserv and that you identify your nick before you enter the room to get OPs.

How to Get there || stuff to know: RoomRules || stuff to do: ArtAmbush, ParlorComic
Last Update: 30 June 2003
* #VCL IRC channel is a unofficial Fan chatroom for VCL fans and artists. VCL takes no responsibility for for what happens in the room