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My very first colour TF. I'm pretty proud of this one, and I'm not too sure how old it is.
Adragon2.jpg (48K)
Fist attempt at an alien creature. Still turned out more like a dragon.
alien.jpg (36K)
Great idea, poorly done. A person sticks on a collar and the obvious happens. Oops I suppose...
Collar.jpg (88K)
Not too old, but old enough to be put here. Self explanitory if you've seen Digimon. Digimon © Themselves.
Davdramon.jpg (48K)
One of the few sea creature ones I've done, and still one of the best.
Dolphin.jpg (28K)
One of my first Anime sketches, I still like this one.
dragon1.jpg (32K)
Possibly the oldest dragon TF I have. Still quite cool, a different stlye than my usual.
dragon2.jpg (36K)
One of 2 pictures I did using colour pencils, the effect was quite nice, but not effective in the long run.
dragonc.jpg (68K)
This was meant to to be a sequence I never got around too.
DSeq.jpg (32K)
The next frame from the sequence to the left.
DSeq2.jpg (36K)
First real go with Photoshop, and it turned out nicely. Thanks to Keanon Woods for giving me this inspiration.
GirlDrag.jpg (64K)
Nice Raptor TF, one of the few dinosaur TF's I have.
Raptor.jpg (40K)
This one just scared me. A person being changed via an infection. To much alien in this if you ask me.
RealAlien.jpg (80K)
Really proud of this. From a big story that i still have, pretty cool too.
sallah.jpg (32K)
A colour version of the pict right and up.
sallahc1.jpg (40K)
My very first official TF. Considering I had never done one before, this came out rather nicely.
sprawling.jpg (20K)
This sucks a lot, but it's the only wolf TF I have.
wolf.jpg (20K)