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My god this sucks badly...
argh.jpg (21K)

My first attempt at a cat and it went wrong...
BadCat.jpg (21K)

Not bad, but I still can't draw faces.
Junk.jpg (20K)
Yay, Littl Wolf!
LittlWolf.jpg (24K)
Still can't get my character, Sallah, just right.
SallahAttempt.jpg (24K)
Told you I couldn't (refer to left)
sallahtest.jpg (40K)
Done in a nice black and blue ink, came out really nice too!
sweetdolphin.jpg (32K)
Just plain uuggly, but I 'spose TF's aren't always beautiful :D.
uglydrag.jpg (16K)
Absolute masterpiece, bet one I've done in quite some time.
waterdrag.jpg (32K)

I really like how this turned out, This TF relates to the next one to the right.
backpainc.jpg (72K)
Based off a dream I had, but I guess that's where all TF's come from :D
backpain.jpg (40K)
It's meant to be me, but it doesn't look like me. Still, quite a nice little sequence.
dragseqme.jpg (65K)
This one just rules. It rules. That's what the sun does to you in Oz :D.
halfdrag.jpg (118K)
I REALLY like how this one turned out, my best colour to date I'd say.
inthemakingc.jpg (150K)
Another guy from the same place as the pict backpain.
inthemaking.jpg (47K)
Just a test with positioning, rather acurate I must say.
mostlydrag.jpg (39K)
Just a quick snake TF.
neatsnake.jpg (46K)
My first test of another way of positioning characters using ovals. It worked! yay!
newtechnique.jpg (50K)
She's pissed at something. I wonder what?
pissedoff.jpg (41K)
just a really good sequence, draw up once again in those 5 minutes of good drawing.
quickdrag.jpg (69K)
Meant to be a fox, but looked more like a Collie Dog :D.
werecollie.jpg (46K)
Coloured in 30 minutes. Wow. Just generally, wow.
wickedc.jpg (38K)
I drew this just way too fast to be good, so I have no idea why it looks so good.
wicked.jpg (37K)
Nice liitle wolf TF.
Woof! :D
woof.jpg (42K)

Woof! ... er ... 2!

woof2.jpg (40K)