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This is my very first sequence. It sucks, but it was my first one, and I still like it.
1dragseq1.jpg (29K)
Frame 2 of my first sequence.
1dragseq2.jpg (41K)
This is my very first Bird Tf, and it sucks horribly. However, it is my first bird Tf, so I think it turned out Ok.
1stbird.jpg (40K)
Based off one of Pilots picts. Thanks for the inspiration Pilot!
animedrag.jpg (33K)
This just look plain cool. Thinking of doing a colour one of this.
cool.jpg (51K)
I drew this one while reading the AD&D Manual. Turn out quite nice I think.
DNDragTF.jpg (68K)
I cannot draw dolphins for the life of me. I drew this for practice, and in response for more mammal Tfs by someone.
dolfin2.jpg (34K)
I did this in 2 minutes, and I'm very happy about it. As the name suggests, it was my first inked pict.
firstink.jpg (80K)
One of my favorites, and I'm not sure why. This bloke got TF'd (and TG'd) while doing an archelogical study.
GuyQueen.jpg (64K)
One of my all time favoritest. I really like how the guy is still wearing his clothes.
GuyQueen.jpg (80K)
What happened here?
junk1.jpg (36K)
This guy TF'd in some sort of aquatic thing. i personally didn't like how it turned out.
junk2.jpg (44K)
Another crappy one, which was the original idea behind magicforce.jpg.
junk3.jpg (41K)
This girl went swimming at the wrong place. There is a longer storyline behind this.
magicforceo.jpg (76K)
My first test with a real background, and man, it has turned out more than perfect.
magicforce.jpg (100K)
Not so much a TF as just plain furry. Just an attempt to make expressions on my character, N'adra
Nadra.jpg (29K)
Poor Guy also had a run in with mysterious object. I like the look of this one.
Orb.jpg (72K)
A very nice pic that didn't take a huge amount of time. The orb was rendered out in a 3d program for the sake of it.
OrbC.jpg (96K)
A random Raptor TF. This girl aint to thrilled about it either.
Rap2.jpg (24K)
Just a niffy Raptor TF.
RPRaptor.jpg (96K)
I wanted to see what a dragon-like creature would look like without wings. Rather spikey I say.
spikeysprawl.jpg (29K)
Just something I did in class when I should have been doing an assignment, I think.
Sprawlsketch.jpg (28K)
Another study of perspective that worked for me.
SprawlWalk.jpg (24K)
A random dragon TF at a different angle. Fast and unexpected.
whatthe.jpg (38K)
Dunno 'bout this one. Just someone who is really concerned about what is happening.
worryguy.jpg (41K)